I liked the movie God’s Not Dead…well, sort of (A Christian’s perspective)

Very good read to remind us that we are to share His love.
“As Christians, it’s our job to plant seeds. We may be fortunate enough to water those seeds, but then again, we might not. But that’s okay. We love people. That’s it. Holy Spirit takes it from there.” ~Chris Martin

Chris Martin Writes

Let’s be honest. People tend to get a little crazy when it comes to Christian movies. Big example: Noah. People were up in arms because the story wasn’t accurate with the Biblical version. We rented it the other night, and I was highly disappointed. And not because it wasn’t in alignment with Scripture. The movie was horrible. I was expecting Gladiator meets Genesis, and we ended up with 2.5 hours of boredom. I almost dozed off a couple of times. The special effects were pretty cool in a couple parts, but overall, it was a sleep fest.

With Hollywood so completely saturated with filth, I have to admit it is refreshing when something labeled as “Christian” catapults onto the big screen. It’s rare these days that we can take our children to see something clean, void of the normal cursing and violence.

When God’s Not Dead arrived, I was very…

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